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FOX News
Feb 19, 2011 7:00am EST
does it mean for your tax dollars? >> wisconsin's massive budget battle continues with president obama supporting the union and mobilizing the dnc to gather protesters on the ground but not all unions actually want his help. >> and schools taking discipline to a new level slapping g.p.s. trackers on students who skip class. should parents be in charge of controlling bad behavior? >> coffee time. "fox and friends" continues right now. good morning, everyone. >> i expect this in hour number two? come on. dana is here for us this morning. and we got e-mails at 4:50 this morning from john boehner's office because they were actually still working at 4:00 this morning trying to get through the massive cuts in spending to the 2011 budget, $60 billion cut from the 2011 budget. >> it was not close. here is how the vote broke down. yes, 235; no, 189. a lot slashed from the budget. a lot of democrats not happy. but this is setting up a veto. and it is setting up a fight in the senate. and a government shut down as a result. >> it is coming together. president obama will exercise his first veto so
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 7:00am EST
that has not happened to this point. and now you understand why president obama has called on libya to stop this incredible violence and is calling on the national interests of the united states saying we need to put sanctions on libya, freeze the assets of the muammar qaddafi family, the three sons and the daughter. and, little did we know, people may have forgotten, the family has a house in new jersey, a house in new jersey. which would be subject. what does that mean? so they would not have access? they would not have access to it and it is frozen? would there be armed guards? >>peter: an order would be attached to the house and it would be padlocked and not be allowed to be an asset of muammar qaddafi or libya. but this is in the wake of some people being critical of the united states' response to libya. the united states is saying, well, we did not want to upthe gun and put our american citizens at risk but we know the united kingdom sent the military vessel to reof my -- to remove their citizens from the country. and the united nations' ambassador was not present from the united stat
FOX News
Feb 12, 2011 7:00am EST
of the protests. >> it took ten days to come out in 2009. >>alisyn: and they feel they did, the president obama nudgeed out president mubarak, a long time ally of the u.s. but he did not do the same of ahmadinejad. so people say he should have been as vocal back then. >> that is what sarah palin tweeted asking will obama administration exert as much constructive pressure on iranian government to change and allow freedom as they did for egypt? >> and representative tom price, a republican congressman from georgia calling it the deafening silence of the obama administration in regard to the 2009 protests in iran but now this is a big facebook movement growing so all eyes on facebook to see what happens in iran when this protest unfolds. >> such an interesting and epic time. and now the rest of the headlines. riot police in algeria are trying to stop thousands of anti-government demonstrations in the capital city this and have arrested several people and you are looking at video from last month when they stormed the city protesting the ban on public gatherings. they hope to keep the momentum. >> a
FOX News
Feb 5, 2011 6:00am EST
leader? >> and former governor sarah palin sticking it to president obama again. she says if ronald reagan were alive today he would be outraged at our bloated government. >> the president reagan realize ed what was happening to his beloved states, the central valley and he would be outraged. she says the white house is not listening to americans at all. that and so much more "fox and friends" for saturday, starting right now. >> good morning, everyone, look who is slopping it on a weekend. steve here for clayton this morning. >>dave: i managed to kick him out of his seat. >> i was in the neighborhood and i thought i would step but, it is warm in here and it is freezing outside, and we have a big super bowl party coming up in dallas, texas, where you can see although it is 5:01 central time the kids and the people who they the footballs are up and at 'em. in advance. i can hear brian's voice. can you hear us, defiance? >> not just yet. but, boy, he got the kids up early this morning and he must have called them individually. well check with brian with live guests including chad, and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4